Filer Events Committee

For many years, you have known us as Filer Fun Days which is not only our Facebook page name, and of course the name of the fantastic annual event we hold in June, but...


We are so much more!


Our crew puts on the "Hoots & Toots" event.

Helps with the Easter Egg Hunt.

Supports the Santa tree lighting event.


We also help with local food and clothing drives and

support lots of other activities in the Filer area!

We're always looking for more events to host, causes to support, and fun things to do, so please reach out!

Click through the website

and let us know:

What would you like to be part of?

What events would you like to see?

What causes we can help support?

Get involved! Stay in the know!

We are always looking for more members!

Reach out to one of us or send us a message to learn more about the committee!


Like and follow us on FacebookWe post frequently on Filer Events Committee happenings and local information and activities. 

We also are planning to create an email newsletter! More details to come!

Want to join the committee? Drop us a line!

Donations Accepted!

The Filer Events Committee is accepting donations for our fun events coming up!

The more participation and donations we have, the more we can bring to the community!

Next up is our December 6th Committee Meeting!

Save the Date! 

Monday, Dec. 6th

Filer Fireworks
Donations Accepted!

Thank you for your generous support!

Let's Talk!